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BoA's 2005 Tour Diary

BoA’s 2005 Best of Soul tour has concluded with a bang and was an overall success. Many tour-related images can be found in our Eye Candy section in the forums. A number of news clips and tour footage can be found in our Downloads forum as well.

All throughout the duration of her tour, BoA, A&R (anonymous BoA representative), and other close staff members have kept a mini-log of events and interesting things that have happened. It’s a simple, succinct, yet entertaining blog-type page that can be found on BoA’s official Avex Trax® site which documents candid moments and brief commentaries.

These entries are quite enjoyable to read and we wanted to share these with you. The following are BoAjjang's translations of the first few entries of this log. The rest will soon follow on the next few updates update. Enjoy!

Note: We tried to keep the translation as close as possible, hence the "LOLs" and the "Fake BoA" on one of the excerpts, which as further mentioned, is actually a staffer close to BoA.

No. 2 - Start of a New Project
(2005-04-10, 01:28)

This is A&R, Avex Representative. Well, this is the start of a new project.
The theme is "A Diary on the Tour." (LOL)

Sorry for the simplicity (of this project).....
I can update info on the tour from my cell phone.....
This is a corner with tidbit of photos and info on the tour written by Fake BoA and I........
BoA's stories, etc will be unfolded.

So, what do u guys think of the performance at Yoyoki today!? I personally thought the performance was great! It was excellent (wonder if people know what this word means!? LOL!) Next up is Osaka! People who are coming to the performance, please look forward to it! I think BoA is almost fully recovered from her injuries!

Details on the tour will be added to this corner, so please look forward to it!
And please look forward to the next update of this corner too!
Will it be written by me!? Fake BoA?! Or BoA herself!?

........nothing special for now.

No. 3 - Indian Summer
(2005-04-10, 12:24)

Hello everyone, hope u guys are all in good health! Today's a fine spring day right!? I'm BoA's manager. It’s nice to meet you all. Today is our last performance at Yoyogi. The concert starts at 4pm, so please be there on time! To the people who are going to come all the way to Yoyogi, please leave home a bit early, 'cause I think it's a good idea to go and see the cherry blossoms at Yoyogi Park (right beside the place where the concert is held) before coming to the concert. I stopped by there too! Well, let's have fun today too!

No. 4 - Standard Prep
(2005-04-11, 00:18)

Good evening! I'm A&R. Well, a lot of things had happened, but the 3 days performance at Yoyogi was a success! I would like to thank everyone for showing their support for BoA! BoA was really on the edge too! It seemed like she really wanted you guys to have a great time last night!!

And the picture shown on the right is the standard look for all the staff at the concert. I'm the guy in the picture, with a "self-imposed control" on the face LOL! The jacket is silver. The lining is made of mesh. The inner clothing at once glance may look like an ordinary T-shirt, but it actually has "Tour Staff" printed on the back. And, hanging down from my neck is a laminated Staff Pass. Of course that's for "Accessing the Whole Area." The staff who are part of the entire tour will all a have laminated Staff Pass. The other staff will have sticker passes. Of course all of them are not for sale. And the design (Staff Pass) is made according to the details given by the manager.

For me and the other staffs, wearing this outfit during the concert made all of us felt just as nervous as BoA!

No. 5 - She really likes soba, right!!???
(2005-04-11, 18:20)

Good afternoon. I'm fake BoA! The next day after the performance, I received a mail from BoA that she suddenly decided to make soba in the morning. I don't know to what extent did she made that soba herself......(LOL) but she also said that she was able to do a nice display for that soba dish... I'm a worker close to BoA. This is an update about our cheerful BoA in the morning after the (Yoyogi) concert.

No. 6 - Tour's Goods Recommendation
(2005-04-12, 16:04)

I'm the manager. With 3 days of success at Tokyo, I am finally able to heave a sigh of relief. Anyway, have you guys checked out the goods from the tour yet!? This time we especially designed the goods in a way so that you guys can use them in your everyday lives. I personally recommend Caps and Cell phone's straps (<-- only available in the concert...). And I really really want you all to check this gorgeous pamphlet out! I think in there, you will be able to see BoA's feminine beauty, the childlike innocence that is still within her, and her cool personality. So if you haven't checked this out yet, please go and check it out! By the way, the picture on the top right hand corner is one of the pics from the pamphlet. It's really cute, right!?

No. 7 - Before the Concert Starts
(2005-04-14, 15:18)

Good Afternoon, I'm A&R. Okie, let's now turn back the clock to the tour. Today I'm going to tell u guys "liiightly" about BoA's schedule up to the point of the tour.

* Entering the meeting place
* Eat / Warm-up stretches (The healthy menu is decided by BoA's trainer, whom we've brought along the tour.)
* Rehearsal on stage (This is dependent on the day, and it emphasizes parts that needed to be changed/revised)
* Massage (The trainer relieves BoA's body stiffness in preparation.)
* Make-Up & Chatting with the staff (BoA is a kid that gets along with the staff, and everybody else. So naturally, animated discussions on the performances, music and fashion take place in the dressing room.)
* Changing Outfit (Coordinated by "Fuiitta" who is in charge of BoA's outfits, also came along to the tour.)
* Concentration (At this particular time, BoA was nervous to the degree that she can barely say anything. She was concentrating and her awareness during the days leading up to the concert dates was heightened. As an artist, those facial expressions of hers are beautiful.) * Leaving the Dressing Room! / Standby ("Hi-fiving" with the lined-up staff members at the hallway with a happy face that's saying "I'll be back soon!!")
* Raising the Curtain!

Of course, depending on the day, the itinerary changes. But, for the most part, it remained the same. Are you guys able to have an idea of BoA's Schedule now!? I will give more updates after the show.

No. 8 - Highland's Leaf
(2005-04-14, 12:14)

Good afternoon! The weather is hot right!? The day would have been wonderful if there were no pollen fluttering everywhere...*sobbing*. Well, moving on, have you guys tried the Lipton "Straight" Tea that BoA has been supporting!? Even though I'm advertising the product here, there is like no meaning.....(LOL). Just like BoA, we've been drinking this new Lipton "straight" Tea at work and home too!! (<-- I swear BoA said that's not something she had to say too!) BoA said this Lipton "Straight" Tea is not too sweet. It's very much like the regular black tea, and is very refreshing! That sounded like some old food critics woman! But because of that, Lipton "Straight" Tea will be served in the "Premium Live," so let's drink lots of it together~LOL.

No. 9 - Fake BoA's Anecdote
(2005-04-15, 12:33)

Good afternoon, Everyone~! This is Fake BoA. Starting tomorrow, it'll be our 2nd day in Osaka, right!? Wonder if everyone who's able to make it is ready for the concert... During the LIVE concert, the weather will definitely warm up so wear light clothings for that day! And to all the ladies, in order to avoid a scary face after the removal of makeup from the sweat, there is the FASIO's mascara that is "sweat-proof"!! (LOL) <-- I learned some of it.........

Because of the reason above, I'm going to tell you guys a lil anecdote that we talked about today......... The tour is going all around the world, and like I always thought, the atmosphere for all those places will be completely different. Even though we received great responses from all the concert venues, the most interesting response was, as expected, from Osaka. BoA's MC (the small talks between performances) usually contain deep matter, right!? BoA usually spoke falteringly about them. Wonder what kind of LIVE we will have this year!? Me and BoA are both looking forward to it. And speaking of the concert, it's a fun thing that I had personally participated enthusiastically. I know people enjoy these events differently, but since you guys came all the way to see the LIVE on that day, I want to make this LIVE for the "Only Fan" showing up on that day. Me and BoA are both praying for that, and for that to happen, we're devote all our energy to it.

By the way, the picture is showing one portion of the flowers that were given to us at the Tokyo concert. Thank you very much for always sending us lovely flowers.

No. 10 - An update of BoA in "Real Time"
(2005-04-15, 20:52)

Since today, we've been in Osaka. And I just got off the phone with BoA. But it seems that BoA's in the middle of dinner. It seems that she's in a restaurant that served very delicious sashimi 'cause BoA said "they look like they'll melt in my mouth isn't this great!!??........."

That's sooooooo nice!!!

"Starting tomorrow, let's work our hardest at Osaka's Live!!" said BoA who's eating a delicious meal. That's it for our update on our full-spirited BoA.

No. 11 - Today's LIVE is........
(2005-04-17, 10:15)

Good morning~ I'm Fake BoA. Yesterday's LIVE was really livened up, right!!?? Thank you very much to everyone who came all the way for the concert. Well, it's our second day in Osaka and since the opening time for today is earlier, please don't be late!! By the way, today we're going to tape that LIVE! Everyone, please liven up the concert even more and let's have a wonderful concert! The picture is the okonomiyaki (Translator's Note "okonomiyaki" is a griddlecake containing veggies and meat or seafood). Sorrie a piece of it is missing. LOL.

Translator's Note: "Okonomiyaki" is a griddlecake containing veggies and meat or seafood.


No. 12 - Did Nothing but Played in Osaka~~~
(2005-04-17,- 20:56)

Great work everyone! I'm Fake BoA. 2 days had passed smoothly in Osaka. To everyone who came, Thank You Very Much. What did you guys think of BoA's MC in Osaka's dialect!!?? Also, thank you very much for being cooperative at the recording of today's LIVE. Please look forward to the video, as I felt that lots of great scenes were recorded. This time at Osaka, however, we ate a lot!--Okonomiyaki, takoyaki (Octopus Ball), pork bun,......... Me and BoA ate crazily. In relation to that, this is a snap of the pork buns that we had been eating non-stopped together on the train going back home.

No. 13 - A Good Story On BoA
(2005-04-18, 23:14)

This is A&R. Good Evening. To everyone who came to the Osaka Live, thank you very much! This is a story from the other day talking to BoA. This is the BoA who went all the way to the store nearby to get the ingredients of soba. On the way home, she found a beautiful cheery trees in all their glory (being in full bloom). While walking and captivated by them, she found a broken branch from the cheery trees. BoA, who thought the branch was pitiful, picked up the branch, brought it back home and displayed it in a cup. And it seemed that while gazing at the branch, it released some of her stress. It seemed that BoA, who said "I want to go to see the cheery blossoms!" was touched by that lovely branch from the cheery trees.

* By the way when asked what she'll do if "the little top bit of the green onion that was out of the grocery bag she was carrying fell off," she said "I'll buy the green onions that had been pre-cut."

That was our 18-year-old BoA-chan.

No. 14 - BoA, The Gamer
(2005-04-20, 12:01)

Good afternoon. I'm fake BoA. BoA's ARENA TOUR 2005 will finish with the last two performances in Nagoya. From the March rehearsal, time went by really fast. Personally I want to meet more of you and I'm feeling a bit lonely already!

Lately our BoA-chan, between concerts, in the car, during break from work, etc…when she has time, she will do nothing but play with her PSP (Playstation Portable). You're all shocked about this news, right!? I was shocked too. From the back of the car you can hear “kya~!!” “wa~!!” “I did it~!!” non-stop!! So I thought to myself: BoA is a modern kid after all! BoA asked me if I wanted to play her game PSP, but since I'm not not good with video games, I refused her offer. Can all of you imagine BoA as a gamer!? By the way, this snapshot was taken on Shinkansen, and it shows BoA engrossed in her PSP.

No. 15 - Nagano's famous products
(2005-04-22, 13:36)

Good afternoon. I'm Fake BoA. I always start with this line, right!? Sorry, I'm not artistic…*sobs* According to the weather forecast, the weekend is going to be sunny. It seems that we'll be able to do a wonderful (Final) LIVE. It's going to be a story about food again, but speaking of Nagoya, there are many delicious food here such as "miso stew udon," chicken wings, and some of the usual food like red bean toasts, spaghetti covered with red bean, etc. I wonder where we could find more delicious food? I can't wait. People who live in Nagoya, please show us restaurants that serve delicious food!!

No. 16 - More and More...
(2005-04-23, 17:22)

We're finally here. Our last destination—Nagoya! I'm A&R and there is a mounting tension building up within me.

Yesterday we arrived with BoA in Nagoya. At first, BoA and everyone wanted to go and eat at a Chinese restaurant, but since BoA wanted to concentrate, she went back to eat in the hotel by herself.

So we went without BoA. The picture shows the spicy ramen (hotness = 20x) from the restaurant. We showed a lot of fighting spirit. Everyone was sobbing while eating the spicy ramen, I wonder if BoA, who loves spicy food, can finish the noodle!?

By the way, BoA brought fried rice and gyoza (souvenirs) for everyone. To Everyone, BoA so far had cried in every single LIVE, so please show your support for BoA in Nagano, a place that is famous for its many legends.

No. 17 - At Last
(2005-04-15, 20:52)

Hello this is BoA's A&R.

The Last LIVE is finally going to take place very soon! Please give us your all tonight!

No. 18 - BoA's Ball (**)
(2005-04-25, 14:02)

Thank you guys for all the support yesterday at our final day at Nagano. The crowd was really great~! Everyone was really really wonderful near the closing too! This year, everybody from the band, dancers, and the staffs all dressed up and it was really fun!!

The LIVE is already finished today, and since it'll be okay for me to reveal this, let's talk about how BoA threw balls to the crowds during the LIVE. If you look at the picture, it's very obvious that they were very colourful balls. Souvenirs like this were signed by BoA with love before the start of every LIVE. What she wrote for each ball is different, but there are “BoA” “ボア” “ぼあ” “(**)” “BEST OF SOUL” and many more designs. Were you guys able to catch the balls? For those of you who caught it, you guys are truly lucky!

Although the Live has already ended, the journal will continue a bit more~

No. 19 - Thank You Tears
(2005-04-27, 02:11)

It's A&R (still not done with my work) again!! Good evening.

Well, BoA Arena Tour 2005-Best of Soul-ended successfully on April 24 in Nagoya. I'm filled with emotion, and honestly I feel like my skin had been "cast-off" into a somewhat semi-permanent smile.

The LIVE, just like BoA said, was supported by lots of people. Despite everything, the cheers, smiles, and tears from everyone gave not just BoA, but all of us encouragement as well. We felt very fortunate. Please excuse my language but please allow me to say this: You guys are the best!! Thanks so much!!

Okay sorry about my use of language earlier (LOL) and moving on, these pictures above are from the LIVE.

And yes! We are already thinking about the next project! And what's more, they are all one after the other! We will release them in the next couple few days so please look forward to it!

No. 20 - Proceeding To The Next Day…
(2005-04-28, 02:05)

It's A&R. It's already late and I'm still working…

I'm doing this and that. Please continue to look forward to it!

No. 21 - BoA's ARENA TOUR Report
(2005-05-09, 00:49)

It's A&R. I'm Ohisa. This Tour Journal is going to end this week, but please look forward to the remaining entries.

Today we checked the recording for the LIVE. It's so cool and cute!! Probably no recording will ever top this one!! You guys must go check it out when it airs on the TV! And what about the DVD? We'll tell you all about it tomorrow!! Don't miss it!!

No. 22 - Last Entry
(2005-05-11, 11:02)

Did you guys cherish all of the journal entries? This "Tour Journal" is finally coming to an end.

Come to think of it, the tour developed into many directions while the original concept was only to give updates in a formal style. The manager also became very involved with the development of this journal too.

This will be the last entry to this column, but because the next column is already underway, so please look foward to it! Still more about the afterglow of the tour is coming up! (LOL)

For all of you who have been reading this journal, thank you very much. And please continue to support us!

Oh! Did you guys already check the info on the DVD? This time, it's going to be in 2 CDs. Since it's a great piece of work that will surely satisfy everyone, please look forward to it!

BoA's Manager

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