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IRC Chat
IRC Channel
If you\'re already experienced with IRC, simply connnect with the following details:
Channel: #BoA* (Don't forget the star after BoA!)

Quick Java Chat
If you would like to use a java applet to chat, simply use our Java Chat Applet. All you have to do is enter a username and you\'re set! Unfortunately, you will be missing out on many features by using the java chat, such as file transfers, so using mIRC is recommended. If you would like to quickly have a chat, just click on the following link.

Tutorials for Downloading and Serving Files
If you have downloaded files from our channel, we would appreciate it if you showed your appreciation by serving in our channel as well. Only read these tutorials after reading the chatting tutorial on this page (or if you\'ve already chatted with mIRC before) or you will not understand what is going on.

Note that this tutorial instructs you to connect to HkM-Net. We are no longer on HkM-Net, but on Read the tutorial below for instructions on how to connect to BoAjjang's IRC server rather than HkM-Net.

Tutorial for downloading files
Tutorial for serving files

How To Set Up mIRC:

Step 1: Download and Install mIRC. You can download it from If you wish to serve files, download SysReset.

Step 2: Open up the mirc executable. Click "Continue" and bypass the greeting. If you haven\'t registered mIRC, it will say that it is a shareware version. Don\'t worry, mIRC will never expire (despite what it tries to make you believe).

Step 3: An option screen appears. Fill in your "Full Name" (doesn\'t have to be real), your "Email Address" (ditto), your preferred Nickname and lastly your alternative Nickname.

Step 4: Click on the "Server" category and then click on "Add".

Step 5: Fill in the details as shown in the image below.

Step 6: Register your nickname (providing it\'s not taken). This ensures that no one can use your nickname and pretend to be you. Type in "/msg nickserv register password email". Keep in mind you must identify each time you log on (aka tell the server that you are the rightful owner of the nickname). To identify type "/msg nickserv identify password".

Step 7: Type "/join #BoA*" to join the BoA channel. "/j BoA*" also works and is a shorter form if you wish to use that instead.

Step 8: To chat type your message in the bar at the bottom and press enter.

Step 9: To log on again in future, just open up mirc, bypass the greeting window, press connect, identify your self with "/msg nickserv identify (password)" and type "/join BoA*".

How To Set Up Auto-Connect:

Step 1: Click "File" and then click "Option".

Step 2: Click "Connect" and follow the drop down menu to "Perform".

Step 3: Check the box beside "Enable perform on connect".

Step 4: Make sure the drop down menu is on "All Networks".

Step 5: Click on the empty window and type:
/msg nickserv identify (password)
/j #BoA*
Click Ok.

Your auto-perform is now set up. When you open up mirc and click connect, you will automatically join the channel.

Useful Commands:

/nick nickname - changes your nickname
/j #channelname- joins channel
/me actionhere- action command