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Ask Mr. X the Super Secret BoA Fan by Mr. X

Latest column:
2005-07-25 : In The Heat Of Summer
Crimson Rhapsody - Rants of the Wu by JWu

Latest column:
2005-07-25 : Ask not what ___ can do for you...

Capping: Taking screenshots from a video with AVS Video Converter by Ace
Capping: Taking screenshots from a video with BS Player by Ace
FTP: Accessing a FTP server with Flash-FXP by JWu
YesAsia Orders: Paying With Money Orders by JWu

28 Jul 2005 Exposé on Piracy of BoA Merchandise by Ace (BoAjjang)
29 Jun 2005 BoA - The Asian 'Tomb Raider'? by JWu, kuraudo, ptoor, and Timmy
09 Jun 2005 My Angel of Music by BoAjjang Contest/Giveaway #04 Winner Corina Cudebec (RockWithMe192)
17 May 2005 Who's Who? BoA v. Pikachu® by Ace
19 Feb 2005 Meguru meguru toki no nakade… by BoAjjang Contest/Giveway #01 Winner Nengshin
15 Jun 2004 A Review of BoA's Legacy! by MaDxKiLLa
17 May 2004 A History of BoA's Hair by Corazon